If I had a motto it would be, “Everything, all the time.”

It perfectly expresses the overstimulated, overbooked, overworked status of my everyday life as a partner, parent, business owner, artist, student, and teacher. This creates a lot of stress and yet is where I thrive. This overwrought state is a product of attempting to “have it all”: a symptom of my generation, whose psychic energy is tied up in social anxiety – deeply seeded in a fear of not doing or being enough, brought about by the onslaught of comparison and self-judgement made possible by social media and punctuated by motherhood.

My work uses paint, print, and photograph, to explore the intersection of the expectation and its manifestation.  I draw inspiration from my kids, from pop culture, from art history, from music, from literature, and from the small amount of social activity I manage to accomplish amongst everything else. Color, pattern, text, appropriated images, and feminist identity act as characters in a very convoluted, overlapping mash-up that reflects my own ability (or inability) to confront this fear.